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Document Management Lifecycle Systems for Insurance

Insurance is a Document Intensive Business

Electronic Document Management Systems from JMR Consulting UK LtdInsurance is an extremely document-intensive business. For most insurance companies nearly all of the various business  forms, letters and claims documents are all important business information. Therefore, it is also critical for all types of insurance employees – administrators, agents, IT and executives to be able to quickly access and act upon documentation like client communications, claims, referrals, scans, email, contracts, and messages. They also need to be secure that they and the client are looking at the latest version of the document and that key business documents are held and stored securely.

The Importance of Document Management Lifecycle Software

The days of lost documents, poor version control, and spotty compliance are over, thanks to document management lifecycle software. It can help insurers operate in multiple locations, support employees that work remotely, meet compliance requirements, reclaim office space, and solve a wide range of business problems.

In some of our recent blog posts we have discussed the many features of a document management lifecycle system that enables insurance companies – both small and large – to enhance their efficiency, boost their productivity, increase profitability, improve client satisfaction and reduce overall business risks.

These posts covered large ticket items like business benefits, risks and implementation tips on how best to consider and implement a document management lifecycle solution into your business. You can find these blog posts here:

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How JMR Consulting UK Ltd Can Help Your Business

Document Lifecycle Management Systems from JMR Consulting UK LtdJMR Consulting UK Ltd has core software development and project management expertise based on its Insurance  and Financial Services heritage. We have over 15 years of operating in the Finance and IT sectors. Over this period, JMR staff have developed key project management and implementation programs and a constant focus on our service philosophy which is at the core of JMR’s business operation. We provide high calibre software and business solutions and professionals that you would expect from the “Big Five” but at rates that are commensurate with smaller IT consultancies or agencies.

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